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Fitness & nutrition support for mums who are fed up with looking back at what ‘used to be,’ and want to look forward at what can be. Dedicated to helping you overcome physical disorders and making your life better. Because time spent with your little ones is precious, and you should enjoy it as much as possible!

Welcome to Full Natal Fitness for Mums. I’m Danny Smith, the creator of Full Natal Fitness and I’d like to thank you for making your way to this page.

After you’ve given birth I’m sure you’d agree with me that the help and guidance you get isn’t huge. You’re likely to have little or no idea of what’s happened to your body, or how to use it properly without causing any harm. Your body and mind are in a delicate state.

You’re told to not lift anything heavier than your baby for a few weeks and briefly checked on at 6 weeks. If there’s nothing significantly wrong, that’s you, left to your own devices. Now what?!

Take a look around to see what! There’s plenty of information and training opportunities to help you with the smallest and largest needs that you may have. Whether you’re completely new to fitness or a performance athlete, you have different needs now you’re a mum. Going about fitness in the right way is very important. I’d love to help you discover this, and what you can do when you do it right!

Put your details in the box above to get started, look at how I can help you below, or email to contact me directly. I’ll be in touch soon.

How I Can Help You

"Danny is friendly and if you have any problems he will cater the sessions to accommodate these."


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