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Fitness & nutrition support for mums-to-be who are looking to prepare for a happy & healthy 3rd trimester, birth, and post-natal sequence. Dedicated to helping you prevent or overcome physical disorders and making life with your little one better. Because pregnancy and time spent with your little ones is precious. You should enjoy it as much as possible!

Welcome to Full Natal Fitness for Pregnancy. I’m Danny Smith, the creator of Full Natal Fitness and I’d like to thank you for making your way to this page.

If you’re here then you’re either pregnant already (congratulations!), or seriously thinking about having children (that’s awesome too, children are great… I promise!).

I realise that any kind of fitness regime may sound scary in either situation. You want you and your baby to be as safe and comfortable as possible. You want to give both of you the best chance possible at a happy, healthy, pregnancy and birth.

Information around doing this is both vague and varied, which won’t give you too much confidence. Mid-wives and doctors may even warn you against exercise when pregnant. This, in my opinion, is shocking except in the most extreme of cases. There is always something you can do to help you achieve the above goals. So what do you do now?

Take a look around to see what! There’s plenty of information and training opportunities to help you with the smallest and largest needs that you may have. If you’re completely new to fitness or a performance athlete, you have different needs now you’re starting the process of becoming a mum. Going about fitness in the right way is very important. I’d love to help you discover this, and what you can do when you do it right!

Put your details in the box above to get started, look at how I can help you below, or email to contact me directly. I’ll be in touch soon.

How I Can Help You

"Danny is friendly and if you have any problems he will cater the sessions to accommodate these."


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