Helping You Overcome the Physical Disorders That Are Holding You Back, So You Can Spend Quality Time With Your Little One

I’m all about helping mums with anything in the body and mind that might be holding them back from a happy family life.

Danny Smith

Now that you’re a mum there may be several things that are limiting you.

You might think you’re limited in the extent of fitness commitment you can adopt through time, motivation or energy.

You might be physically limited by something that has developed during pregnancy and/or childbirth. Your whole life and well-being might be limited by physical disorders like these. Common examples are abdominal separation and pelvic pain/pelvic floor dysfunction.

You might be thinking that if you could just get over these you could get back on track and start making progress towards other goals you have. But with a little help there’s nothing to tell you that you can’t do both!

I’ve created a free Facebook group just for existing and expecting mums like you, to help you do exactly that. If you want to join, click HERE and I will add you asap!

The healing starts with focus on creating the conditions that allow what needs healing to heal. Alignment and breathing figure highly in this, along with some very focused strengthening and stretching exercises. This system, and a lot of the answers you need can be found in my blog right HERE (or just click on Blog at the top!). Scroll down, and on the right you’ll find the categories you can search by.

Through this focused and specialised post-natal fitness coaching I can help you start to heal and recover from the physical disorders that are limiting you. On top of that, through both exercise and nutrition, you can start making progress towards the other goals that you have.

Usually, recovering from weakness, pain and/or discomfort is great progress in itself. But I know these aren’t usually the sole motivators for your participating in fitness. You’re looking to use exercise and nutrition for other things too. So anything that might be limiting, or stopping, you from taking up the fitness commitment you need to do this needs to be overcome.

I can help you be a bit more mindful of your thoughts and feelings causing the more mental limitations that you perceive to be there too. Although sometimes very real (because child reasons), a lot of limitations like time and motivation can be unfounded. Your mind can be used as a tool to identify these and work through these limitations, instead of causing them.

The best way to let me know that you need a bit of a helping hand is to contact me directly, or by filling out a short form right HERE. I will get in contact after this. You don’t have to do anything else except wait for my call or email!

P.S The picture is of me and my son. Because cuteness, and proud dad reasons!