Training Plans

These plans are for you if you want to focus just on the exercise side of Post-Natal fitness. They will help develop strength, better posture and mobility where you need it most. They do this by emphasising the major muscle groups that need to be activated for a mum like yourself.  They are also Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction friendly, and are designed to help rather than hinder these conditions.

There are several levels of programme for all mums and are ALL designed to be a WHOLE 12 week progression. No matter how long post-natal you are, you will need to begin with the foundation programme (1-2 or 3 weeks) if you haven’t been through proper core and pelvic floor specific training already. This is what the whole 12 weeks is based on. From there you will need the 3-6 week plans and so on. Because they are designed to be progressive you cannot buy a set of plans without the ones that come before. Apologies if this is inconvenient, but I have your best interests at heart!

You can do all the programmes comfortably at home, in some form, up until the weeks 11-12. You will need access to more equipment to do the last couple of weeks. So don’t purchase the FULL 12 weeks unless you plan on buying further equipment or getting a gym membership.

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All of the plans come with simple text cues, as well as links to demonstrations of the exercises done by yours truly! So you’re covered whichever way you learn best! You will need certain bits of equipment to do some of the exercises. You will be linked to what you need after your session plan purchase so you can buy these if you don’t have anything similar.

Here’s what you do to get the best experience possible from these plans:

  1. Choose the plan(s) that you want and click on the ADD TO CART link.
  2. You will be directed to a simple check-out page where you can input your name and email address.
  3. You will then be redirected to PayPal to pay for your plan(s).
  4. After payment, you can instantly download your plan(s).

Email if you have ANY questions at all (I always say no question is silly if you don’t understand something!).

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"Danny is approachable, non-judgmental, and respects my opinion. He has expert knowledge and strives to share and develop that in an open-minded way."

Sarah L

"Danny offers general encouragement - not a drill sergeant, but still pushed me on. The different exercises were challenging but I found them effective and helpful in reaching the goals I had discussed with Danny."


"Danny opened up a new world of weight/resistance training, which I was surprised that I enjoyed so much."


Staple Plans

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