Helping You Prevent or Overcome Physical Disorders To Make Life With Your Little One Better

I’m all about helping expecting mums with anything in the body and mind that might hold them back from having a happy pregnancy and birth.

Danny SmithNow that you’re pregnant there may be several things that are scaring you a bit.

Everything is going to change in a big way! But your fitness commitment doesn’t have to be one of those things.

You might be scared that something in your exercise and nutrition regime hurts either you or your baby. You might be scared of the changes that will happen to your body.

You might even be scared that your pregnancy and/or birth might not be as perfect as some women make it out to be. Especially if any of your previous pregnancies or births haven’t been the most comfortable situations.

Because of one, or all, of these you might simply be scared stiff of doing anything physical during this time. If you can just make it through these 9 months you can start again afterwards.

But believe it or not, exercise and nutrition can help prepare you for later pregnancy and birth like nothing else!

I’ve created a free Facebook group just for existing and expecting mums like you, to help you do exactly that. If you want to join, click HERE and I will add you asap!

In trimester 1 you can do a lot of what you usually do exercise wise. But you ideally need to start preparing for birth, and trimester 3, as soon as possible. Preparation starts with focus on creating the conditions that keep the body functioning well in the right places. This is so that nothing becomes dysfunctional by being put under too much strain.

Alignment and breathing drills figure highly in this, along with some very focused strengthening and stretching exercises. This system, and a lot of the answers you need can be found in my blog right HERE (or just click on Blog at the top!). Scroll down, and on the right you’ll find the categories you can search by.

Through this focused and specialised pre-natal fitness coaching I can help you prevent common physical disorders that can limit you during late pregnancy and after birth. This is also true if you have discomfort, or a disorder that has been lingering on from previous pregnancies too. Preventing or minimising this is totally possible.

The best way to let me know that you need a bit of a helping hand is to contact me directly, or by filling out a short form right HERE. I will get in contact after this. You don’t have to do anything else except wait for my call or email!

P.S The picture is of me and my son. Because cuteness, and proud dad reasons!