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Online Fitness Coaching

Online coaching is for you if you need help with more than just the exercise side of pre-natal fitness. Online coaching is here if you need a more personal approach. If you need motivation, direction and support through the process of improving your fitness in any way, the more personal approach in online coaching is the best fit for you. My online coaching for expecting mums allows any expecting mum, anywhere, to gain access to my training, nutrition and mindset approaches.

Online coaching achieves all this by providing:

  • Progressive Pre-Natal Training Plans based around YOUR feedback, progress, and stage of pregnancy.
  • Complete nutritional guidance tailored to YOUR feedback, progress, and situation every week.
  • Short & Long Term Goal Tracking based around what YOU need most every week.
  • A 1-1 coaching call to make sure you start off in the right way.This is through phone, Skype or FaceTime once you’ve signed up.
  • Weekly contact/question time through phone or Facebook.
  • Weekly check-ins through email to give your feedback.
  • Not just access to me, but a whole FNF community on Facebook, where existing and expecting mums support each other through their fitness journey.

This online coaching program also provides better instruction, safety, security, and peace of mind that you’re doing the best for both you and baby. An total pre-natal fitness program will help to give you the best, and most pain free, pregnancy possible. It will give you the best foundation possible, in the areas you need it most, so your life post-birth will be more pain and hassle free. Let’s face it, you don’t want pain and discomfort distracting you from being mum. So let’s make the time you have with your little one as fulfilling as possible.

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Here’s how you sign up:

  1. Register your interest by filling in your details in the form.
  2. You will be directed to my calendar so you can book in a 75 minute 1-1 Pre-Natal Fitness Breakthrough session that suits YOU (please make a note of this time!).
  3. I will give you a ring on that day, at that time, to talk through your specific needs & see how I can help you.
  4. If you sign-up, great! You will be welcomed into the coaching programme and community with open arms. If you don’t, no problem. You should gain some great insight into what you need to do to make the progress you want just from the call.
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"Danny was very thorough with the first assessment, getting to know me and what I wanted out of the sessions. The sessions have been amazing - Danny knows his stuff!"


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